Making the Most “Change”

Make Change Boxes Collections

One of the easiest and fastest ways to participate! Request a “Make Change” box and collect donations and spare change from family, friends, colleagues and more.  You can set a goal – either an amount or time frame – and make a huge impact through your contributions.  Plus!  There are lots of ways to fill your “Make Change” box including hosting your own mini-fundraiser, emptying your pockets or purse of spare change at the end of each day or event simply making a personal donation.

To get a “Make Change” box, contact Suzi Schoenhoft at (815) 759-7094.


Host a Successful Fundraiser

The first thing to do is to plan and prepare properly.  It’s the first step to having a fun and successful campaign.  Get help from your friends.   Sit down with your committee, helpers, volunteers, friends or family and create a plan for your fundraising campaign!

Next, make a to-do list and assign people to each task.

1.)    Decide what kind of activity you want to do.  Great creative!

2.)    Determine your fundraising goal.

3.)    Figure out who your audience is…who will attend or support your activity.

4.)    Set date(s) during which you will do your activity.

5.)    Collect the donations to your activity.  Make sure you keep good records!

6.)    Acknowledge everyone who participated in or supported your activity.  Say “thanks!”


Fundraiser Ideas

Schools, youth groups, teams, clubs or families

  • Organize a bowling party.
  • Penny Drives – ask people to donate pennies that they have lying around.  Inspire a competition between classes, homerooms, families or individuals!
  • Host a bake sale or candy sale.
  • No uniforms day!  Hawaiian shirt, wacky hat or jeans day. Have participant donate $5 to join in the fun.
  • Dedicate concession stand revenue for a week.
  • Host an Easter egg hunt with a fee to participate.
  • Car wash.
  • Make and sell all kinds of crafts.  How about those trendy loom bracelets?
  • Ice cream social—charge admission to sample this sweet treat.
  • Game night—charge a small admissions fee to enter.
  • Shelter building displays—mini or full size displays.  To vote for their favorite have “judges” donate to their favorite shelter.

Companies, older crowd, families

  • Wine tasting party.
  • “X” marks the spot! Sell golf balls for $10 each and send them all down a hill with the “tosser” blindfolded.  The 3 that get closest to the center of a taped “X” wins a prize.
  • Host a jean day or no tie day.  Charge a small fee to participate.
  • Pot luck dinner party. Bring a dish to pass. Charge $20 per person at the door.
  • Organize a golf outing, sports or bags tournament.  Charge an entry fee for each team.
  • Monkey on your back. Pay a fee to have someone to wear a stuffed monkey.
  • Pampered Chef party, Tupperware or Partylight…donate a portion of the sales.
  • Curse buckets or swear jars. Have people pay a fine for each curse word spoken at work.
  • Host a used book sale.
  • Bunco night!